THE DANGER OF PASSIVE MASCULINITY By Allie Beth Stuckey It’s trendy these days to blame our problems on men– mass shootings, sexual assault, war. All of these, feminists say, can be traced back to what they call “toxic masculinity” – the infectious disease of maleness that we’ve let pervade society for far too long. Since, […]

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Malawian Intern to Work with MRN

From Malawi Reformation Network I am Madalitso Isaac Dube married to Rose Mtunda Dube and blessed with two children, Joyous and Joanna. I was born in a Christian family, both of my parents were Christians of Zambezi Evangelical Church, hence I was raised with Christian values and principles. My parents used to send me and […]

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A Call to Discernment

On the Deception of False Prophets in Africa and a Call to Discernment By Pastor Gideon Mpeni, Florida Baptist Church, South Africa When we look at the benefits of a Metropolitan lifestyle, we see that it exposes citizens to the unique privileges of buying all they need in shops that are close to their residence. […]

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Why Malawi?

By Richard Jones–Malawi Reformation Network When I was first contacted about the work beginning in the African country of Malawi, I had never heard of the country and had no idea where it was located geographically.  But, I did know one thing…. Pastor Jason Helopoulos was involved, and if he was excited about a ministry […]

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