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By Samuel Sey Reactions to the late-term abortion bills in New York and Virginia illustrate the contrast between America and Canada. Late-term abortions are controversial in America, but they are conventional in Canada. In late-term abortions, abortionists fill a needle with a fatal dose of digoxin and they insert the needle through the mother’s stomach […]

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Lessons from Malawi (Part One)

The following piece is Part One of a three-part series of articles describing ministry in the African country of Malawi from the perspective of two American christians and one Malawian pastor. My adventure began in the Summer of 2016. I was part of a small leadership team from His Way Community Church in Central Alabama, […]

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State of the SBC (

Southern Baptists, Sexual Abuse, and a Far More Serious Problem TOM ASCOL | FEBRUARY 13, 2019 Southern Baptists and Sexual Abuse The first story by the Houston Chronicle on sexual abuse within Southern Baptist churches and entities is horrific to read. The information that the authors compiled into a database was gathered primarily from public sources. The power of having all of […]

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